Trusted Expert for Landscaping, Garden & Grounds Maintenance in Guildford

I am Richard Everett and I am sometimes called in by customers from Guildford to help rectify their landscaping, garden maintenance and grounds maintenance mistakes. While many property owners in Guildford enjoy a few hours in the sunshine performing gardening maintenance tasks, a small handful tackle their work without sufficient knowledge.


The majority of poor landscaping themes I see in Guildford follow a common trend. Typical garden maintenance and grounds maintenance jobs, such as lawn care, can leave outdoor areas looking very much the worse for wear. An inability to identify problems or simply trying to avoid professional help with gardening maintenance also results in difficulties.


Here, I discuss three of the most common landscaping, garden maintenance and grounds maintenance mistakes I regularly witness in the Guildford area.




Cutting grass should be a straightforward gardening maintenance task but I encounter many home and business owners around Guildford who are actually going about it in the wrong way. Cutting grass too short will force it to expend energy reserves when it starts to grow again because smaller blades will not be able to absorb sufficient energy from the sun.


Landscaping, garden maintenance and grounds maintenance companies in Guildford, including my own, typically recommend leaving grass at a height of 0.5 of an inch to 1 inch during the summer and around 1.5 inches during spring and autumn. Following a simple landscaping tip such as this will leave grass at your Guildford property healthy and thick.




A passing glance at your Guildford land or garden may suggest everything is alright but an essential part of gardening maintenance and grounds maintenance is to check regularly for weeds, parasites and issues with trees such as fungal rot or weak boughs. For some DIY landscaping enthusiasts, spotting potential issues doesn’t come easy.


Regularly inspecting your Guildford property prior to garden maintenance or grounds maintenance work is vital so that any significant landscaping problems can be dealt with quickly. A gardening maintenance company such as my own will identify pests and funghi before they destroy flowers, trees and other landscaping elements at your Guildford home.




Even the most avid gardener occasionally needs professional assistance. For four decades, I have assisted domestic and commercial clients in Guildford with everything from major landscaping projects to essential gardening maintenance tasks. Not calling in a professional when you’re in need of assistance can be the start of a slippery slope. You may end up paying far more down the line as a result of not addressing a garden maintenance or grounds maintenance issue at your Guildford property at the time it first arises. I am available as a landscaping professional to provide all of the help you need.


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