Grounds Maintenance, Landscaping & Gardening Maintenance in Surrey

Domestic and commercial property owners in Surrey who choose my company for garden maintenance and landscaping work benefit from the many years of professional training I have undertaken. My name is Richard Everett and my company is based in Box Hill. Covering all of surrounding region, I am a gardening maintenance and grounds maintenance professional.


I have trained at the prestigious Merrist Wood College and also with the Royal Horticultural Society in Wisley, a facility near Woking.


My landscaping and garden maintenance services are vital for those who understand the importance of kerb appeal. Good landscaping makes a distinct impression on those who visit your home or business. This is particularly true in relation to my commercial landscaping and grounds maintenance work in the Surrey area.


Tidy, well-organised grounds achieved through my gardening maintenance services are an indication that your internal operations are equally controlled and well-structured. I have many business clients in the local and surrounding areas who understand this principle.


A Complete Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance Service


Planning is the most important element of any grounds maintenance project. I visit clients throughout Surrey to hold initial consultations and to establish exactly what they wish to achieve when they use me for garden maintenance and grounds maintenance work. This includes a discussion on possible landscaping themes, establishing a suitable budget and listening to any personal concepts that you have in mind.


Your own aspirations are my inspirations and I always stay true to your ideas when formulating a landscaping theme or a gardening maintenance plan. With a clear understanding of your requirements, I produce detailed garden and grounds maintenance programs for your property based on the budget you have to spend. After gaining your approval, my company will undertake your initial landscaping project with total professionalism. I then arrange ongoing garden maintenance or grounds maintenance programs to ensure Surrey properties are kept in pristine condition throughout the year.


A Caring Approach to Garden Maintenance


I have always adopted a client-focused approach to business by making your personal needs and requirements a priority. This is reflected in the quality of my garden maintenance and grounds maintenance work in the Surrey and West Sussex areas. It is also seen in the way I tend to each landscaping, whether this through the initial project or subsequent gardening maintenance.


While my gardening maintenance company is landscaping your property, noise and disruption is kept to a minimum. I understand that you still have your own routines and activities to attend to and these should never be compromised. I always ensure the area I am working in stays tidy, never leaving tools or equipment in places that could create a hazard. At the end of each day, I leave the entire area in a safe and clean condition.


To discuss landscaping with a garden maintenance and grounds maintenance professional covering all of Surrey. Contact Richard Everett now on 01737 843232.